Tennis Program ( Terms & Conditions )

Court 28
5 Apr 2022


Hi everyone.  

I hope to start tennis lessons on April  21st , if  nothing happens.  

I would like to confirm the tennis schedule as soon as possible in order to keep the place for the students who had the classes booked as before.  

You can book your Tennis lesson from today through the app by clicking attend in the week of 21-27 of April on the days/times you would like to play each week.  

Those classes will be automatically booked in the coming weeks permanently. 

Remember that at DBRC only club members can join tennis lessons in case someone has made any changes to their memberships during the break.

*Junior Tennis Program*

   Registration by the app

1- Calendar 

2- Click on the filter 

3- Choose the day/time you had reserved previously 

4-  Click on < will not attend to change to attend.  

Note: In case you want to change the day/time  please contact me.

See you soon to work hard and have fun.🎾


*Junior Tennis Programme General Terms and Conditions*

1. Once the programme starts and the student’s spot is confirmed, lessons run on a weekly basis. 

2. After confirmation of lesson, failure to attend the lesson for any reason in no way absolves the participant from the financial obligation. No refunds or credit will be provided. 

4. In case a student is unable to attend a lesson for any reason, notice should be given to the coach directly and a make-up lesson on another day may be offered subject to availability of spaces. 

5. There will be no lessons on Sundays. Lessons on Public Holidays are optional and made by special arrangement. 

6. Lesson charges will be refunded for lessons cancelled by the Club or the Coach due to adverse weather or for any other reasons.

7. Lessons are cancelled if the general AQI PM2.5 level exceeds 200 or AQHI reaches level 10. 

8. Participants who wish to discontinue must give at least 2 weeks notice directly to the coach.

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