How can I create player profiles to my club?

As a club administrator on SportMember you can create player profiles in several ways. Start by clicking on "member overview" in the menu bar. In the club menu you find "Create player/coach" in the bottom of the screen. Here you find 3 different functionalities to create new player profiles to your membership software. First you need to choose which team you want to attach the player to.

After this you need to choose between 3 ways of creating the player in the system:

  • Create player
  • Invite player
  • Import player


In this article we explain how to manually create a player. Follow these steps:

  1. Role: choose "Player".
  2. Enter first name, surname and e-mail (for the player)
  3. Create username and password (for the player)

Then click on "Create", and the player profile will now be shown in the squad list.The player will receive an e-mail, from which he/she can activate the profile.

Creation by invitation

Another way to create new players is to send an email invitation

Follow these steps:

  1. Status: choose "Player"
  2. Choose which team you want to invite the player to
  3. Choose "Invite players"
  4. Type the players email address and they will get a link which they can create a player profil to the chosen team
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