How does SportMember work?

SportMember is a intranet for sportclubs

SportMember is a intranet for clubs and temas, where all players and coaches can log into and see what is going on, and assign to or off activities. The club can also use it as a membersystem, where they can keep track of all the members and collect member fee payment, as well as create a homepage for the club.

Save time with SportMember

You can use all our functions and tools to communicate with the club or team, coordinate your everyday and gain an overview of relevant activities in the club or team. In this way you are always updated on your teams match calendar, training calendar and social activities.

For parents

As a parent you have the opportunity to administrate your child's player profile, if your child's club or team uses SportMember to administrate matches, team calendar etc. SportMember allows you to receive reminders on sms or e-mail, so you always are updated.

If there is a need to create a profile to both parents, this is also possible.

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