That's why SportMember is free

Some of you have wondered: how is it possible, that SportMember doesn't charge their users for using SportMember, when the app is free, and you offer a free website software to clubs? There are employees and equipment that need to be paid to maintain and improve the system. How do they earn the money for that? Might there after all be some hidden costs somewhere?

The answer is simple: No, there are no hidden costs! SportMember has 2 sources of income:

  1.  Advertisement: As you might have noticed there are ads on SportMember. We earn money on them, both, on desktop and on mobile devices.
  2. Payments via SportMember: Every time someone pays, e.g. the membership fee of their team through SportMember, we earn a little amount on that. The amount is that small, that the user hardly notices it.

Now you know our "secret strategy"! Keep on using SportMember without fearing hidden costs. Enjoy!

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