Easiest Team Communication You Can Imagine

Who? What? When? SportMember keeps you updated about each and every aspect of your team.
  • Receive messages about team activities
  • Online activity registration and cancellation
  • Decide transportation to away games
  • Synchronize the team calendar with your own

Membership Payment Made Crystal Clear

Team sport is supposed to be fun. That's why SportMember makes member fee payment nice and easy for members of a club. That way you can spend the majority of your time on the pitch.
  • Online view of member fee payments
  • Pay online in no time
  • Automatical payment solutions for you

Have fun with your teammates

Unity, team spirit and locker room banter makes team sport fun. SportMember lets you take part in social events and bond with your teammates.
  • Easy payment for social events
  • Upload pictures and videos about your team
  • Vote for Player of the match
Team communication
  • Activity calendar
  • Activity registration/cancellation
  • Communicate with the team
  • Create team activity
  • Create fixed activity every week
  • Decide transportation to away games
  • Exempt a member on holiday from team activities
  • Forum
  • Manage your child's sport
  • Receive push messages about activities
  • Receive mail about activities
  • RSS-feed
  • Send mails to members
  • Send common mails to all members
  • Synchronize calendar with personal calendar
  • Vote
  • Team squad list
  • Assign members to a colour
  • Contact information on parents of the members
  • Invite members to team via Facebook
  • Invite members to team via mail
  • Import schedule from Excel
  • Import members from Excel
  • Member contact information
  • Pictures
  • See activity registrations
  • See attendance stats per member
  • Stats
  • Tactics and lineups
  • Team box for expenses
  • Unlimited number of team members
  • Put members on a waiting list
  • Club management
  • Assign pitches, facilities, locker rooms etc
  • Appoint staff roles within the club
  • Create departments and/or teams
  • Create club activities
  • Get a free homepage
  • Infoscreen in the club
  • Lend members to other club teams
  • Move members to other club teams
  • Send newsletters
  • Banner free version
  • Member fee payment
  • Automatic payment notifications
  • Create membership subscriptions
  • View your own payment status
  • View payment status for members
  • Make members inactive, if they don't pay
  • Pay member fee
  • Homepage for the club/association
  • Add Facebook-feed
  • Add YouTube videos
  • No ads version
  • Your own club ads
  • Design in club colours
  • Club news
  • Connect with Google Analytics
  • Login button to SportMember
  • Pictures
  • Pin-up board
  • Responsive mobile design
  • Your own sponsor ads
  • Team calendars that updates automatically
  • Team news
  • Separate team pages
  • Team registration forms
  • Team welcoming messages
  • Other
  • App for Android
  • App for iPhone
  • Free customer support
  • Free support for homepage setup
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