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The leading sports club management software used by thousands of clubs globally. From big multi-sport associations to local clubs. Use SportMember for online membership management and attendance, building a club website, membership subscriptions and payments, and improved club communication.

A fully integrated suite of club tools

Sports club management software for everyone

We provide everything that’s required to ease everyday club life. SportMember's multiple features facilitate a better daily workflow in sports clubs and associations. We cover all sports from rugby, cricket and football to fitness centers, dance studios and everything in between.
We help clubs organize their activities, keep track on their members, collect membership subscriptions, communicate with members, book their facilities and much more.

Why SportMember

Club membership software made easy

Get closer to your members
SportMember is your essential tool for coordinating and communicating with members. You’ve never been closer to the members of the club.
Economy on autopilot
Charge membership fees automatically and track who pays. With SportMember you’ll have everything your club needs, to manage the clubs economy.
Intelligent calendar
Keep track of all activities across the club. The calendar keeps you updated on all teams within the club.
Strengthen the team spirit
Enhance the social aspect of the club while we sort the administrative work. Share images from the last events, track statistics, chat with the team and more.

Club management software

One membership system for everyone

SportMember differentiates itself by being a system for everyone in the club. No matter if you are a coach, the treasurer, a regular member or a parent, you’ll be a part of the club through the SportMember app. You'll find the information on the day to day activities in your club. This makes SportMember the ultimate social sports media for your club.

User feedback

What our members say about us

Every month more than 180,000 happy members log in to SportMember to stay updated with their teams. Read here what some of them say about us.

Membership fee

Optimize payment rates with SportMember

Struggling to get all your members to pay their subscriptions on time? With SportMember clubs have never had so few unpaid membership subscriptions.
Automatic subscriptions
Subscriptions and invoices are automatically created and sent to the members.
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Block attendance
Option to block members who havn't paid their subscription.
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Club management features for your needs

SportMember provides you with key features to suit your club and team tasks. Club organization and communication has never been easier.
Cashless payment
Membership management software
Free website
Attendance Tracker
Team communication
Lineup Builder
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SportMember schedule builder makes everything easier.

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Membership fee

Sign up players & teams in automated club payment system for recurring billing

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Membership management software

Detailed lists of all members in a sports club membership database

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Team App

Make everyday life a breeze with this sports team app

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Use our sports club website builder to get a personalized site with automated team pages

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Attendance tracker

Instantly notify your squad with the sports team attendance tracker

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Inform the whole team at once via push messages, text messages and emails.

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Chat with your teammates or share information internally between the coaches.

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Personalize your stat tracker to fit your sports statistics.

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Assign fields, locker rooms and more to specific teams in the club with our resource management tool.

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GDPR for sports clubs: SportMember secures your information.

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Line up builder

Pick out the starting players on the team with SportMember's lineup builder

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Info screen

Control your club's info screen to share an overview of pitches, locker rooms etc.

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Make a webshop available to members. Sell game sets, merchandise, tickets etc. and promote new items via SportMember email promotions. 

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Match reports

Create your online match reports in just a few clicks and easily share them with your fans and friends.

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SportMember Widgets
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