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After endless problems with players and friends not signing up for matches and training, Frank Bjergø decided, in 2004, that he would make life easier for coaches and players. He wanted to make a digital platform to communicate between coaches and players so that they could save time on the frustrating coordination, and instead spend more time on the field. This is how SportMember started.

With time, SportMember has developed, so that it today also is a platform for; coordination, member fee payments, and websites for clubs and associations. We have more than 1.5 million loyal users and we dream of making it easy and manageable to be a part of any team or club.

Our mission is to make SportMember as user-friendly as possible, which we work hard on every day. Through SportMember, we are trying to make it more fun to be a part of a team/club. we're motivated to help our users to save many hours on administrative work so that they can enjoy what's important - more time for sport!

Our goal is clear: becoming the largest digital platform for the coordination of sports, and we have made it our mission to make teams and clubs digital.

Today we are 20 hard-working members of the SportMember team, who are distributed between the 9 different countries in which we operate.

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10 Quick Facts About SportMember
Kløvermarken 2004
The idea for SportMember started in Kløvermarken Copenhagen back in 2004 when Frank Bjergø faced issues with players not signing up or showing up for football training and matches. He decided to develop a digital platform, initially intended as a shared calendar and a place for all communication between coaches and players. Today SportMember is still exactly that... and so much more.
SportMember in the Lion's Den
In 2018, SportMember appeared on the popular Danish TV show “Løvens Hule” (The Lion's Den), where five lions invest money in promising start-up companies. SportMember received plenty of airtime and respect from the lions and ended up with an offer of 4.5 million kroner for 25 percent of the shares. However, it was a surprising but polite no thanks, as it was far below the valuation SportMember came for. The value of SportMember is in a completely different place today!
The “Whole” Wide World
SportMember is represented in no fewer than 152 countries around the world, with paying clubs in 40 of them. That's quite a lot, but we are continuously working to find new clubs in new countries, as long as the world has more to offer.
2 million Users
SportMember serves federations, clubs, teams, players, and parents. The total number of users on our platform is steadily approaching 2 million. That’s really something!
20 Employees at the Harbor in Aarhus
SportMember headquarter is in Aarhus, Denmark, in the new and exciting urban South Harbour area, which is experiencing significant growth and development. Here we are around 20 hard working employees, working on tasks ranging from administration to sales, marketing, communication, customer service, as well as ongoing software and concept development.
From Team to Club to Federation
SportMember was originally a tool intended for communication within team - between players, coaches, team leaders, and parents. Since then, SportMember has evolved into a comprehensive administration tool for club, and most recently, we have also begun working with federations.
More Than Just Sports
SportMember services much more than just the well-known sports like football, handball, badminton, etc. - actually our members are not always people. For example, we have a team in Spain with 300 dogs participating in training and competitions. Vintage cars is another "sport" that has also found its way to SportMember for easier administration of the club’s activities.
From Zimbabwe to Texas
We have many cute and funny stories from teams around the world using different parts of SportMember’s many functions. We have everything from a football club in Zimbabwe to basketball in Hungary and volleyball in Texas.
New Payment Solution in Germany
In Germany, SportMember has digitized the complicated and large amounts of payments associated with club memberships. The goal is to make it easy and simple for the accountant to collect money, see completed and missing transactions, and thereby keep an overview of the club's finances in a smarter way than ever seen before. In Germany, we do account-to-account by uploading to the club's online bank.
Your Own Club Shop
With the Club Shop, SportMember has created the best conditions for our clubs to get clothing and equipment at really great prices. Additionally, the club can create Club Products, where they can design clothing with prints and personalize it. The Club Products can then be assembled into Club Sets, making it even easier for members to purchase items in the team or club style!

Meet us

The SportMember team

SportMember is managed directly from the headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark. Our main goal is to provide you with the best member system on the market. Meet us here:
Frank Bjergø
CEO & Founder
Jørgen Orehøj Erichsen
Mathias Tambjerg Steengaard
Software Developer
Mette Beier
Designer & Front-end Developer
Thomas Maroti 2.png
Thomas Maroti
Project Leader & Product Owner
Zak Staudinger
CRM, Denmark
Johanna Müller
Country Manager, Germany

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