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Club subscriptions

As a club on SportMember, you get to choose which subscription plan to go with. We offer two different packages, depending on how much functionality, support and ad freedom you’d want. Outside of your subscription plan, the club can also purchase a website for the club. Reach us at [email protected] if you have any questions about price or subscription.
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For the club that wishes to deal with membership fees online
For the club that wishes full functionality
per member/month
per member/month*
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Get rid of ads
Membership fee collection
Attendance statistics
Additional fields
Club terms
Club setup help
Import members from Excel
Booking and administration of resources
Club website
Club members list
Save card information
Member fee management/payments
Send automatic payment requests to newly created members
Automatic payment notifications
Make members inactive, if they don't pay
Event module
Move members to other club teams
GDPR agreement
Waiting list
Communicate with the team
Administrative fee for payments $0.50 + 3.0% $0.50 + 3.0%
* The PRO solution excludes VAT and administration fee. The minimum price is $25.00 per month.

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What does it cost?
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