User and personal terms & conditions



1.1 The terms of use for regulates the relationship between the users and

1.2 By continuing the use of, you accept the terms of use. If you do not accept the terms of use, you must end your use of

1.3 By accepting the terms of use, you give, your consent to to process your data.

1.4 If you are under the age of 16 years, your parents (or guardians) approval is need for you to accept the terms of use.

1.5 We recommend that you save or print out the terms of use.


2.1 is an online tool for coordination all types of team sports.

2.2 is managed by: ApS
Filmbyen 23, 3. sal.
DK-8000 Århus C
CVR-nr. : 33765509
E-mail: [email protected]
Telefon: 22661388


3.1 To enable use, you must create an account.

3.2 Information regarding’s handling of personal information on’s “personal data conditions” later in this document.

3.3 You are responsible for information on your account information. It is up to you to keep correct and up to date. hold no responsibility regarding incorrect information on a user’s account.

3.4 When creating an account, you must choose a password. Your password is personal and confidential.

3.5 If you at any point should experience abuse of your account, you should contact immediately.


4.1 In case you would like to delete your account this function is available in your profile settings. Deletion of your account might be associated with different scenarios. An elaboration on this matter is given in Person Data Conditions section 8.

4.2 Deletion of your account requires action from your side. The account will remain active until you actively delete the account.


5.1 has all rights, including property and copyright, to

5.2 By accepting the conditions, you achieve a time-limited, non-exclusive and revocable right to use, which has been made accessible on the internet. The right of use is based on your continual acceptance of the terms of use, for If you, at any point, no longer accept these terms, you immediately have to end your use of

5.3 To the extent that you upload material to, you give the right to use the material thus, giving the ability to run its services. By doing so, you also agree to have the necessary rights to give such right to use.


6.1 By accepting these terms, you are also accepting that can send orientation mails to the e-mail address that you have connected to your account.

6.2 Such e-mails, subject to your explicit consent, may contain advertising.


7.1 If you enable the ability to receive and send payments from your account, you must be aware of that the payment service is based on an agreement between you and a third party.

7.2 holds no responsibility regarding payments between member, team, and club.


8.1 is aiming to make the service available at any given time but does not guarantee this. holds no responsibility for limited or no access to regardless of what, could have done to prevent such an instance.

8.2 Any use of happens on the user's own responsibility and risk. can in no instance be held liable for the user’s usage of or lack of access to the service.

8.3 does not take responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the information found on,nd holds no responsibility for loses related to actions or omission, based on the information or lack of, found at

8.4 can in no instance be held liable for indirect loss, such as, but not limited to, consequential loss, loss of income, loss of data or other losses you may experience as a user or third party.

8.5 If in spite of the above liability limitations, should become responsible, the responsibility of’s is at any time limited to an amount that the user had spent on the use of within the last six months prior to the loss, nevertheless, never more than a total of DKK 1,000.


9.1 reserves the right to, at any time, change in terms of use. If should make changes to the terms of use, the users will receive a notification e-mail. The user will also be informed about the new changes at their next log-in.

9.2 If you do not accept the revisited terms of use, you will no longer have permission to use


10.1 reserves the right to make any changes to the service. Functions can be added, deleted, changed, or, may completely terminate the service. All without any kind of responsibility.

10.2 will attempt to warn about changes as early as possible if they are thought to have a significant, negative effect on users.


11.1 Any dispute between and you, shall as be solved as amicably as possible.

11.2 If a dispute between and you cannot be resolved in amicable fashion the dispute shall be resolved by Danish law. To the extent that you after current legislation can agree to such an agreement, the possible lawsuit will be brought before the court in Aarhus, Denmark.


These are terms of use for last updated May 2018.



1.1 These personal data conditions for are relevant in terms of your handling and processing of personal information by

1.2 By continuing your use of you accept the personal data conditions and give your consent to the handling of data, that is described in the following personal data conditions. If you do not accept these personal data conditions, you must immediately end your use of

1.3 If you are below the age of 16 years, you must have the consent of your parents, when accepting these conditions and giving your consent to

1.4 All personal data, that, is handling and processing, is protected by the General Data Protection Regulation from the 25th of May and forth. The data commission supervises handling and processing of personal data and is covered by the General Data Protection Regulation. You can read more about this on:

1.5 You are recommended to save and or print the personal data conditions.


2.1 If you are a member of a club that has signed a Data Processing Agreement, your club is the data controller. This means that the club is responsible for compliance with the legislation of the General Data Protection Regulation. Furthermore, your club is responsible to inform you about the purpose of the data processing.

2.2 In case you are not a member of a club that has signed a Data Processing Agreement, is the Data Controller and responsible for compliance.


3.1 is Data Processor and therefore process the data on behalf of your club. In accordance with your personal rights as a user of this service, will respond to your instruction in case of withdrawal of your consent or if you wish to delete your account.

3.2 must make the necessary technical and organizational security conditions, that protect against the accidental or criminal destruction, loss or misuse of your personal information, where it is not handled in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. must, at your request, deliver the necessary information so that you can ensure that the necessary technical and organizational measures have been made by


4.1 The purpose of the handling of your personal data is to ensure that you are able to use, for the team for which you have signed up. Furthermore, the purpose is also to give the clubs and coaches, to which you are affiliated, the opportunity to administrate the teams. The legal basis for the processing of your data is article 6, paragraph 1, in the General Data Protection Regulation.

4.2 Furthemore, also uses your personal information for statistics, as well as for marketing purposes, so that the advertisements presented to you in are as relevant to you as possible. Your account information regarding your age, gender, sport, and zip code will be distributed to a Danish advertising network Krak Media Group. We do not distribute your contact information nor personal information that can be used to identify you.


5.1 When a team is registered at personal information about you is collected. Either you or your coach can enter this information. Your first name, last name and e-mail address are required as a minimum. Other information such as telephone number(s), date of birth, and address can also be is optional.

5.2 You will always have the opportunity to change, update, and delete personal information that has been registered about you inå, also mentioned at section 7.2 in the personal data conditions.

5.3 also registers activities and events such as attendance, payments, goal scoring or similar information.

5.4 As Data Controller, your club does also have the possibility to gather more information about you including sensitive data. Please notice, you are never obligated to fill in this kind of information. Furthermore, your club is held responsible for gathering such information and need to have a valid reason for doing so.


6.1 In case you decide to upload a profile picture, you give your club permission to use your picture on their public website. You will always have the opportunity to change or delete your profile picture. Even with a profile picture, you will still have the option not to be shown on the website of your club. This function is available in your profile settings.

6.2 Your use of, grants your permission to use pictures from public matches, club activities, and events on the public webpage of your club.


7.1 As a user of you have the right to gain insight into what personal information that has registered about you. Furthermore, you have the right to object to the processing of your personal information performed by only handles the personal information that is available on your account.

7.2 In case you detect incorrect information on your account, you will have the option to correct this. If it, for some reason, is not possible for you to correct this information, contact for assistance.

7.3 Inquiries regarding insight, correction, or objection to the processing of personal information must be made to by the use of ‘Contact’ on our website.

7.4 As a user of you have the right to data portability. This means that you are allowed to receive your information in case you would like to switch to another service. You are able to download all information registered about you in your profile settings.

7.5 If your club creates an account on your behalf, your account will be ‘Without consent’ until you log-in yourself and actively gives your consent to In this case, your club will be responsible for obtaining your consent to be a part of their’s database.

7.6 If you wish to withdraw your consent, this is possible at any time. This is done by deleting your account, which is available in your profile settings. Different scenarios for deletion of your account exist in section 8


8.1 When your coach or club removes you from the club

8.1.1 Your coach or your club has the possibility to delete your affiliation to your team. This will however not delete your account, which will remain active. It will be possible for you to connect to a new club.

8.1.2 If you wish to delete your account at, after your club has removed your affiliation to the club, this is done in your profile settings.

8.2 When an account has been created without your consent

8.2.1 Some clubs use as their member database and therefore clubs are able to create accounts ‘Without consent’. If your club enters your contact information, will inform you as soon as possible regarding this account. In this specific case, your club is responsible for obtaining your consent to be a part of their member database at If you are aware of the situation and wish to be deleted from, contact your club.

8.3 When you delete your account but you have arrears

8.3.1 In case you want to delete your account, but you have arrears in terms of membership fees, payment activities, or similar cases, reserves the right to keep your data until these matters has been resolved.

8.3.2 If you are no longer member of your club, but you are still not able to delete your account due to a pending membership fee payment, you must contact your club. will not delete your account, since we are not able to assess your affiliation to the club.

9. CHANGES OF PERSONAL INFORMATION TERMS AND CONDITIONS is at any time in the right of making changes to these personal information terms and conditions. If makes changes to these terms and conditions, you will be orientated immediately through an orientation e-mail, which is sent to the e-mail address that you have registered in, as well as through a notification when you log into

9.2 If you choose not to accept the revised personal information terms and conditions, you will not have the opportunity to continue the use of

10. COOKIES uses cookies. For further information regarding this matter, we refer to our Privacy Policy.


This is the personal data terms and conditions for last updated May 2018.

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