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Features for everyone's needs

SportMember provides you with various features to overcome all tasks in a team or club. The internal communication has never been easier.
sports team scheduling system

Shared calendar: The sports team scheduling system makes everything easier

Online payment of membership fee

Sign up players and teams to automatic payment of membership fee

Membership software

Keep track on  mail adresses, numbers etc. of members with this membership software.


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We are helping the entire club

No matter if you're in charge of team talk, collecting membership fees, doing dirty jersey laundry or just have to show op, we make sure sport is always easy to participate in.

Are you drowning in troublesome team communication and missing response from your players? SportMember helps you keep track of your players, calendar and registrations for matches and trainings.

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Do as your teammates and join your team's new online registration system. We promise you'll never forget the next match or training and you can keep track of it all on your mobile.

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Your child loves sport but isn't quite old enough to take care of matches and registrations. You'll do that - completely without your child's profile and without being part of the team.

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Fixed payments, distribution of fields and changing rooms, teams divided by sports. Yes, we offer you a wide range of features and you can of course distribute the administrative roles as it suits you.

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