Team communication

Effective team communication

Every team coach recognizes the trouble of scheduling practice sessions and matches with the members and even their parents. How do we secure that everyone is being informed correctly and in time? Through SportMember, obviously. We have simplified communication. The contact list of everybody involved with your team or club are stored in our system. And with this feature, we allow you to send team alerts via the push messages function, text or emails from computer and app.

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Online communication - Team alerts and push messages

SportMember is a user friendly communication tool where free text messages and/or email can be send in groups or to the individual. You can choose specific recipients as well as you can choose to inform a specific group of members of the team, the coaches or even the parents of the members in one big common mail. This online tool saves you a lot of time by sending push messages from PC for or even using the SMS app push messages function. You no longer have to spend much time trying to figure out when and who to inform about upcoming activities within the team. The days of keeping data from the members in your phone and sorting through all your contacts to find them are over. You are now able to have all contact simplified.

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