Cashless payment system - Match day fees

We all know the struggle of getting membership fees on time which can turn any treasurer's job into a pure nightmare. 

However, this is not the case with SportMember where collection of membership fee is simple, cashless quick and not demanding in any way. 

This sports club payment system comes with an overview to see the payment status of everybody within the club. You get a fantastic tool to administrate it all in the same system the whole club uses. 

In line with the rest of the system the payment tracker is developed with the purpose of making all aspects of organizing teams and club as easy as possible. You shouldn't be wasting time trying to get members to pay the membership fee. We do it differently by connecting the member to the overall online platform long time before the payment is created.

How do we do this

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match fee payment made easy

By being the sole platform for communication SportMember becomes the inevitable place for members to handle payment. Updating contact information such as email adresses becomes a natural habit, because SportMember is the only way to be in touch with the team and the coach. In the end this is the key to succes for not only the individual teams but certainly also the club.

The membership payment is being paid directly through the SportMember app. It acts as a user friendly team based tool people use on a weekly basis instead of just being an annoying external payment channel, you dont remember login for and use once a year.


Online membership fee - SportMember is responsible for the sendout

Set up the sports clubs fixed payment dates as you wish - per month, semi annual or per year. And for different groups like senior teams, junior teams etc. New members in the middle of the season is being taken care of by SportMember's "price after" feature. From here on the system takes care of everything.

The smart thing about SportMember is that you don't have to do the sendout of payment mails. In the end saving you a lot of time with payment reminders and trying to get people to pay. The features include:

  • Excempt specific members from fee
  • Send payment reminders to every due member at once
  • Suspend members with exceeded payment dates from participating in activities via the app

All payments gets registered immediately in SportMember which automatically updates the list of payments. The treasurer has access to detailed member lists of payments on every team. Who has paid, how much and when is always visible.


Match day fee payment - without hassle

The benefits are not just for the club’s administrators. Members can wave goodbye to postal orders and further "late fees" in the mailbox. Instead they receive bills online through email and be able to pay match fees within minutes.

The payment itself is being sorted directly from the SportMember app on the smartphone using the PSP (payment service provider) Stripe. Upcoming payments can be done automatically by allowing SportMember to save credit card details on the profile and just like that, it has never been easier to pay for membership fee. Our online payment tracker system makes it fast and reliable.

Receipts are kept attached to individual profiles, so there's absolutely no doubt about past seasons and payment periods. With SportMember everything is online because it is a cashless payment system.

If head coaches, assistants and injured players are exempt from paying, you just have to define it in settings.


No payment, no participation

At SportMember we completely understand, that you don't want to expel a group of members from the sports club, even though they dont tend to be able to get the payment done despite several reminders. But we've created a way to overcome this issue in a matter where you dont even have to tell them personally.

SportMember has a feature that suspends these members from participating in practice and matches and therefore have no opportunity to take part in the community with the team mates. Until they take care of the payment.

This doesn't delete them from the overall team sheet or members list. But it encourages them to sort out the payment as fast as possible, unless they are happy being sidelined while their team mates are having fun. This is a major factor in keeping a healthy culture within the sports club where people happily pay the membership fee.

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Club membership fee - Credit card payment

This sports club payment system gives the member the opportunity to pay via VISA card or Mastercard either through the SportMember app or on desktop version. Since the payments are paid directly through the system, it’s automatically updated, so you are always up to date. SportMember payment tracker is easy to access. 

You also have the option to categorically exclude certain groups of members from membership fees. As a coach or injured players. And if a member pays his membership fee in another way, because he or she doesn’t trust online payments at all, this payment can be registered in SportMember so that you still can keep track of all membership dues.

Give SportMember a try by creating the club and an admin profile from the front page by clicking "Create club".

Cashless Payment System

Payment tracker - How does it work?

If you manage your membership fees through SportMember payment tracker, you never have to worry about payment requests or reminders, that's what the system does for you.

14 days before a new payment period, payment requests will automatically be sent to all your members linked to the club membership fees. The beginning of the payment period then also becomes the payment term in this case. Once the deadline is exceeded, you can see exactly who hasn't paid his the fee, and again send requests for payment or reminders. The payment tracker system automatically suggests the correct recipients in the distribution list.

Once the various team fixed payments have been set up, you do not have to touch a finger. SportMember sends out new payment links from time to time and collects them.

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