Sports team management app for your club


The SportMember smartphone app is your favourite tool for administrating, coordinating and communicating internally on your team, and this is the case both for the members, parents, coach and club directors. SportMember is a free app and can be downloaded from both the AppStore and Google Play. You gain access to functions such as:

Member overview

In the app you can access our detailed member overview of all the members that are involved with the team. You can find all relevant information of the member in the app just as easily as you can on your computer. SportMember is a fast way to get in touch with all the members involved. You can contact all the members at once or individually through email or even send free text messages. SportMember can handle all sport team communication needs for the coach and the players. 

Team activities

The coach creates activities for the team such as practice, matches or something else through the calendar. Everything from that point is up to the members. It’s their responsibility to register whether they are participating in the activity or not. If attending, they will receive activity notifications, including changes to the activity, so that the coach doesn’t have to waste time and resources on getting people to attend and meet up on time. The SportMember calendar keeps everyone up to date on what is happening in the club and the calendar can be synchronised to the individual's own personal calendar. You don't know how to synchronise your team's calendar with your own? Don't worry, we got you covered with this guide!


The members, parents, coaches, and club directors can see and edit their own SportMember profile – for example if their email or address changes, this can be updated in no time.

Move members to different teams

If a member in the club needs to be moved to another team in the club, it can be done swiftly through the SportMember app. The club admin has the administrator right to move all members.

Download app

SportMember's free app is available in AppStore and Google Play and can be downloaded now.

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