Is there any costs of having a club on SportMember?

SportMember is and remains completely free! There are only two places, where you have the opportunity to spend your money:

The banner management

Your club has the opportunity to purchase the advertisement banners on SportMember. It will cost you 10 pence per user every month to control the banners in your club. This means, that your club has the opportunity to earn a revenue by selling the banners to your sponsors. But this option is totally free!

Subscription fee for members/players

Every time one of your members pay a fee through SportMember, it'll cost a minor handling fee: 1% + 15 pence. So, when a member pays a fee in the amount of £50, there will be a charge of 65 pence incurred. You can decide whether this fee should be paid by the club or by the member. The fee will only be incurred if the member actually pays the charge through SportMember. If your member pays in another way, for example by cash, you'll have the opportunity to register this in the system as well. To register member payments in itself doesn't cost anything at all.

Hence, there aren't any functions that requires a mandatory payment in SportMember. Therefore, you can use all functions on SportMember, without paying anything.

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