Can I register my holiday?

Are you going on vacation or will you be unavailable to participate for your team for a period, it is now possible for you to register this on SportMember. By doing so, you are letting your coach know when you are not able to participate the upcoming matches, practices, or meetings.

In the given period of time where you are on vacation or unavailable, you will not receive mails regarding activities in your SportMember calendar. You will not be able to register for activities either.

You can enter your vacation two different ways. Either by your team's online calendar where you can choose "Vacation calender" right below future activites under the calendar within the menu. As an alternative you can go directly to your "Profile settings" which you can find in the top right corner by the clicking the icon with one person on it. Here you will find the function "My vacations".

Here you can enter the start date and the end date of the vacation. When this is filled in correctly, you press "Save". Now the system will be registered in the system, and you will not longer receive mails or be able to participate in activities for this period.

When your vacation has been registered by the system, your vacation will be visible right beneath. Here you can either choose to edit or delete the vacation if you made a mistake. Every single day that you are on vacation will be displayed here, giving the coach a nice overview of who is there and who is not there on specific dates.

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