How do I sign up for a team activity?

On SportMember your coach or clubs creates a team activity. You will receive an e-mail/ text message. In the message there is a link to the team activity where you can sign up for the activity.

It is also possible to download our app and receive push notes that you can swipe onto and get access to the activity. You can download the iOS app here or the Android here.

SportMember offers a couple of ways to sign up to the activities in the online team calendar. These will be specified by the coach.

  • Normal: The "first come, first served" princip, where the sign-up closes when it has reached maximum participants.
  • One available: Where you as a player can make your self available, and the coach will assign the players he need to the activity.
  • Selection: Where the coach decides which players can sign up.
  • All players available: Where you are automatically signed up for the activity, and the players have to unsubscribe if they can not participate.
  • Divided by colour: Players are divided in the system after colours, for example green, red and blue. Then the coach can create an activity for only players who are marked with the colour green for example.
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