Can I sign up for driving to an away game or an event?

When the coach creates an activity in the online team calendar - E.g. a football game or a basketball game - he/she can choose to include the option of "Driving" to and from the activity. This function is especially useful for away games.

BE AWARE: The coach HAS TO activate driving for the activity, before members/parents can sign up for or create a ride!

If the coach includes driving, the member has multiple options.

The member can create or request a ride, or choose to get to the activity on his/her own. As soon as the first user (coach or member/parent) has created a ride, other members can sign up for that car, until it's full.

The member has to attend the activity before he or she can sign up for driving.

Create a ride

When creating a ride, you need to go the specific activity, and register their driving situation. 

If no members have yet offered seats in their car, (after the coach has enabled the option of driving to the activity), the member will be met by the words "Register your driving situation"
When setting up a ride, you must fill in the number of seats in the car. Including a seat for the driver himself/herself.
Once the ride is created, the first seat in the car will be taken by the member who created the ride while the remaining seats will be available (green circles) and can be reserved by all members who are registered for the activity but are without a ride.

Sign up for a ride

As soon as another member of the team has created a ride on the activity, other members will have the option to reserve that ride.

By clicking "Reserve this ride", you will reserve one of the available spots in the car.
After having clicked "Reserve this ride", you have now been assigned a seat in the car.
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