How do I create a parent profile?

SportMember is not just an app for member and coaches in a club or team. Parents to the members are an important part of the family and without the involvement of the parents, sports and spare time activites not be possible at all.

Therefore, it is possible to connect your child/children to your parent-profile here on SportMember, and thereby make sure that you register for activities, pay the membership fees, and much more on behalf of the children - without being present on the club/team's list of member. The child cannot access the parent-profile - only the parent can access the child-profile.

Whether you connect to your child's profile with a new parent-profile or an existing profile on SportMember, the profile will only be displayed on the which to which the user is a member. A static parent-profile which is not a member on any team does not appear in any member list.

A parent-profile can be used no matter if the parent-profile are connected to a team or not. On the children's team, the coach will be able to see the parent's contact information. This way the coach and parents can communicate directly around the profile of the child.

In the SportMember, there is multiple way to create a parent-profile. We will walk you through all of them here:

When the parent does not already have a profile on SportMember

If you have multiple kids on SportMember, it can quickly become difficult to remember multiple usernames and passwords. Therefore, you can create a parent profile.

A parent profile gives you an overview of all or your childrens' profiles and their activities, along with the option to switch between the childrens' individual profiles, without constantly having to sign in and out of the various profiles.

To create a parent profile, what you need to do on your child's already existing profile, is to go to "Profile settings". Here you'll find the function "Parent profile"

Here you'll then find the button saying "Create parent profile"

By pushing this button, you can now create a profil in your name and enter your information. This profile will become thee parent profile to the profile you were already signed into.

Press create in the button. Now you have a parent-profile!

You are creating a user in your in your own name that you are connecting to your child immediately. Thereby, you tell the system you are the parent to the profile from which you created the parent-profile - and that you should have the possibility to manage that profile.

The parent can change to the children's profile by clicking the "Change profile" icon in the blue circle.

When you already have a profile on SportMember

If you already have a SportMember profile, as for example a a coach, this profil can easily also function as a parent profile. To make your own existing profile into a parent profile, you'll just need to go to "Profile settings", and once again find the function  "Parent profile".

 Here you press the "Assign profile"-button. 

Contrary to the parent-profile shown in the top of this guide, here you should enter the login information of your child. Enter the username and password and press "Assign profile".

It is worth nothing that you can not create a child's profile this way. This is only to create the connection between the parent and the child. If you wish to create a member on SportMember, you can do this from our frontpage, by the sign up formula from a club webpage, or by contacting a coach/administrator from your club!

Add more children to your parent-profile

The scenarios above described how to create a parent profile and how to assign a child to an existing profile. On SportMember you can assign as many children to your profile as you wish. 

Do you wish to assign another child your profile, click on the icon with one man in the top right corner. Remember that you should be logged in as the parent. Notice, if you already have a child assigned to your profile, you can see this in the top right corner. See below.

Choose "Parent profile" in the profile settings and then you choose "Assign profile"

Since the child already has a user, all you need to do is to enter the username and the password of the child in order to add one more child to your profile as a parent.

When you have entered the username and password of the child, you press "Assign profile". You now have two children assigned to your profile. You can switch between the children by clicking the two different circles.¨

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