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Here at SportMember, we’re not satisfied with just giving you a complete club universe to manage your teams and departments. “I need a website”, was one of the things we heard when talking to club administrators and that’s why we’re also offering you your own club homepage. And now you’re probably wondering how to build a website from scratch and how to set up a website. Again, don’t worry! With our simple website builder, you will not run into trouble. We created all the framework for you to fill out the blanks.

Websites made simple - and automatic

The smart thing about having a homepage created through SportMember is that when your coaches and club administrators make changes or updates in the SportMember system – everything from adding new activities to the calendar to writing club newsletters – will be automatically updated and uploaded to the homepage. You will save a lot of time and resources by skipping the frustrating tasks of manually updating everything. When you have created your website for free, it will pretty much be running by itself.

The new homepage includes separate team pages which has their own team calendars so that members can get a quick update of the upcoming activities that are relevant for their team here. You can also add sign-up sheets so that new players can request joining the team and club.

A presentable and welcoming homepage can be a major factor that appeals to new members visiting your site for different reasons. That’s why we obviously encourage you to add text and menus to the site such as the club’s values, rules, history and so forth.

Personalise your web page's design

The homepage module has been developed to accommodate your club. We try to make it possible for you to design your homepage exactly as you wish. Adding the logos and pictures you want, designing the colours of the homepage so that it fits your uniforms etc. This way you can identify with the site.

The club’s Facebook-feed can be integrated with the homepage and you can add YouTube videos that can be played directly on the site.

The homepage can be connected to the free tool ‘Google Analytics’ in the club level of SportMember. Google Analytics make it possible for you to track the behaviour of your visitors and users of the site to get an idea of which pages are visited and which aren’t. Google Analytics will prove to be a valuable tool if you take the time to analyse your data.

The club’s homepage will adjust itself for both computers, smartphones and tablets, and you have the opportunity to add your own club ads such as banners if you want to advertise for season start, social events and much more.

Right now, you might be thinking “It’s my first website, where do I start?”. Just get started. As we said before, it’s a completely free web page builder with no strings attached. You are not going to pay for anything so help yourself and your club if you want club information and news to be publicly available at all times.

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