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In preparation for the weekends match, as a coach you’re probably thinking about who to start and what formation to set the starting lineup in. Imagining it in your head is great, but it can be difficult to get the complete overview. With the SportMember lineup builder you can drag-select players from your roster directly onto the tactics board and build up your lineup. The lineup builder can of course be adjusted, changed and saved as you’re creating it. The lineup builder is preset to a football formation, but formation and setup can be adapted to all sports and levels, so that every type of sports team benefits.

Formation builder - tactics board

The formation creator is linked to the attendance tracker in the shared calendar. This way, as a coach, when you schedule a practice or a match in the calendar and later create the lineup - you’ll create your formation from exactly those players who have agreed to attend the activity. You don’t have to go through your whole squad every time you want to use this feature - it only shows you those players who are available. From these you can create your optimal formation. In the program you can simply drag players onto the board and move them around as you wish. SportsMember's formation builder managing your team for the games. 

All team sports have the challenge to coordinate who’s should be on the field and when. The tactics board can be shown on a laptop, tablet or screen, so that everyone can see and follow the coach’s decision making. Lineups can also be saved in the app, so you can compare different lineups with each other.

Lineup builder: share tactics with the sports team

If the lineup is ready a day or so before the match you can share it with the players in the app. In doing so you give them a chance to prepare for the game and for the right position. If a team has more than one coach, there is a feature called coaching dialogue under the lineup builder, where coaches can discuss the team selection without the players seeing it. This allows for coaches to coordinate with each other and discuss which player to play and which tactic is the one to go with. Players who have not been included in the starting lineup but are still selected will be shown in the line-up on the substitute bench with their shirt number.

Football line up builder - make your own team with the lineup app

In the world of professional football, the starting lineup is much more than just the infographics in the beginning of a game. As a fan it’s a topic of endless discussion and it’s what gets you excited before the game starts. For players it is a motivational factor to be part of the starting eleven. But whatever fans and players say, it all comes down to the coach to set the lineup. For coaches it’s about getting the result you want and starting the right players in the right formation to get it. With our football lineup app the coach can see who’s available for the lineup and also what the starting lineup has been the previous games. Setting the line up in football is a key tasks for coaches, which is why it has its own place in the lineup app, and it is suitable for any sport that wants to use lineups.

Football formation builder: which team formation?

When you create a match-activity in the SportMember calendar, the system automatically  adds the players who have sign on to the activity to the lineup builder template. The coach can then position the players on the field. Practically all team sports benefits from having the lineup visualized, especially when you go through the strategy and tactics. The football formation builder has all the basic formation templates, so you can position your players easily. 4-4-2 (with wings or diamant formation), 4-3-3, 3-5-2 or 4-5-1 are the most used formations and after you’ve chosen a formation and added the players, you can of course drag-click players around on the pitch as you wish. The football formation creator in the SportMember app is always available, no matter what kind of smartphone you use.

Line up maker - tactics, strategy board and lineup builder

In-game coaching is a part of any team sports match. Coaches shouting to players, and players shouting to players to help each other out. The lineup maker has some extra features that can assist in the tactics and strategies in-game and before and after the game has ended. As the game progresses coaches may notice something that can’t be communicated directly to the team or individual players, but has to be said during half time. To ensure you don’t forget what it is till then, you can take notes in the lineup maker and prepare the tactics for the second half. Maybe you want the lock down a particularly strong opposing player, or some aspect of your teams play is doing really well, and you want them to do it more in the second half. Notes or comments can be attached to individual players and the SportMember tactics also include a portion that is visible to players and a portion that remains hidden from the players that only coaches can see. This is useful for comments about player performances you don’t necessarily what them to see.

  • Before the game: Pre-game tactics and strategy making for a sports team can be  almost as important as the game itself. This is the most difficult and most exciting task for coaches and the lineup maker gives you excellent tools to solving it. Besides lineup and comments you can also access previous lineups and see how they worked out, if you’d made comments about it then. The lineup can also be shown to players before the game. When players logs into the system, they can see the lineup for every game the coach has made a lineup for and any comments about tactics and strategy. Players also see the formation and the position of their teammates, so they can prepare perfectly for the upcoming games. This type of preparation is what helps you beat the strongest opponents.
  • After the game: There isn’t much strategy to be talked post-game since the game is over. However, there is lot of evaluating afterwards between players and coaches in the locker room. What went good, what went wrong, what should we have done otherwise etc. There are different perspectives to be had, and some of them can be very useful for future matches. So when the players go home to rest or whatever after the game, the great coach knows his or she’s job isn’t quite finished yet. They’ll note down the key post-game evaluations of tactics and strategy, which is useful later on. They can do this in the lineup maker. If they are really great they’ll also note down statistics from the match and note it in the SportMember statistics feature. Lots of stats gives you really strong data for analysis, which also is a strong tool to help your tactical planning.

When it comes to tactical and strategic management of a sports team or club, a squad builder and line up builder are one of the most essential tools for great management. It helps with setting up, planning, communicating and evaluating the visions for the sports team and its performances. And even if you’re not driven by ambition, the lineup maker is still a fun feature for any sports teams.    

tactics board

 Formation builder: lineup builder for most sports

Football is by far the most popular sport, which is why most of our users in Great Britain are football teams or clubs. It’s also reason why the tactics boards in the SportMember lineup builder has more features intended for football management than any other type of sport. But that doesn’t mean that our lineup builder can’t be used by other teams or clubs. Far from it. Our system contains many different “playing field” templates and the system automatically adapts the template to the sport of the team. So it doesn’t matter if you are looking for a tactics board for, handball, hockey or basketball - SportMember provides you with the right tactics board.

Line up builder - staff support

The system is designed to accommodate a wide range of members, which is why the user interface is minimalistic, and the lineup can be build by drag-clicking players onto the tactics board. Hence, it should be very easy to use. But if you experience any technical upsets or difficulties, you are more than welcome to contact our support staff. If you message them, they will get back you as soon as possible, and be happy to help you out.

If by any chance there isn’t a “playing field” template for your type of sport, please feel free to contact our support staff as well. If a specific template isn’t in the system we would like to know, so we can add one in. The lineup builder is a great tool that’s fun to use, and we would all of our members to benefit from it.  

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