Membership management software for your sports club

SportMember offers the coach a manageable and detailed overview of all members in the squad. This means that the coach doesn’t need to fill his phone or computer with contact details and other relevant member information. SportMember will keep all the relevant information for the coach such asaddresses, email addresses, phone numbers, parent information and so on in one place. All this information is accessible through the membership site whether you’re using SportMember on your phone or computer.

A team on SportMember is usually created by the coach registering it. Our membership management software doesn’t require that a coach needs to spend hours on creating member profiles and registering every player’s information manually. All of this can be done by the click of a button by sending an invitation link through email or Facebook or by importing an existing Excel file with the data. All the members have to do is accept the registration link and add their personal details – and voila, you’re started on SportMember. Membership management made easy for everyone and can especially make every coach’s job easier. Now everyone pitches in on creating the membership database.

Unlimited membership database

With SportMember's free database software you can see each member’s activity and participation history and you can of course add as many members to the team as you need and want. If there is a great demand from applicants requesting to join the team it’s even possible to put these applicants on a waiting list.

It is  not just the coach that will enjoy a comprehensive member overview. SportMember has certainly also been developed for the benefit of the members and team members sake. All members can, besides editing their own personal information, keep updated on where and how it’s possible to get in contact with teammates, parents and the coach.A club tool you can't live without

A membership system you can't live without

Every admin of the club keeps the overview of the whole club with this complete member list. Whether you've got events, competitions or social activities across the teams, it's possible to gather it all in SportMember - even payment activities are an option, where people can pay online. All the club admin has to do is set up the activity.

Furthermore, clubs in SportMember gets:

  • A detailed overview of membership payments for all participants
  • A payment software that lets you control the number of yearly subscriptions
  • To block a member with missing payments from participating in the team/club
  • To see attendance stats for specific teams/types of activities
  • To book pitches, locker rooms etc. to specific teams, departments or sports within the club
  • To assign the clubs chairman, treasurer, webmaster etc.
  • To send out newsletters to all members at once

If our sports club membership software sounds interesting to you, your team or your sports club, then press "Create profile" in the top of this screen. It's totally free.

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