Software and tools for federations

Is your Federation looking for a software solution to give you an overview of all your members & clubs? Do you want to find a simple and effective way to communicate with club officials, coaches and members of your federation? Do you want to help your clubs with digitisation? 

SportMember has the right tool for you!

Software for federations and assosiations

SportMember for clubs

The SportMember software is divided into two levels, a team level and a club level. 

At the team level, coaches, members and parents communicate to make everyday team life run smoothly. Team members can register for activities, share pictures, pay fees, and much more!

At the club level, club staff have the opportunity to access all relevant information from the teams and at the same time can communicate with specific groups in a targeted manner.

SportMember presents: The software and tools for federations

SportMember has created another level for federations. Here, Federations can call up various information from the clubs, such as contact information and developments in the number of members, and can contact specific target groups of the federation in multiple ways.

Here are some of the benefits your federation gets from the federation software:

All contact information - always up to date

Many federations find it hard to get up-to-date contact information from club officials and decision-makers. With SportMember, all the contact information of those who have received special rights in the clubs is automatically displayed to the federation. Even if a new person is added or the contact information is updated, this is immediately updated in the federation platform.

Developments in the clubs

If your federation uses our platform, you will always be up to date with the latest developments in your clubs. Not only will you have all the contact information at your fingertips, you will also get a live overview of all clubs and their development in terms of membership numbers. On our platform, you can get a live overview of members joining, and leaving clubs.

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License fees and membership payments 

Federations have many licenses and/or membership fees to offer their club members. SportMember’s license/membership fee section allows you to create different levels of membership and push these to the clubs. You will get a live overview of all clubs/members who have paid, so it’s easy to stay on top of things. 

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Events for specific target groups

Federations offer various events to club officials, but sending events to targeted groups of club officials can take time. With our platform, the task is simple. Regardless of the type of event - tournament, training or something else - our platform enables you to add the event dates directly in the diary of the targeted group. This can be according to the postal code, type of sport, age group, gender or role in the club. 

In addition, the registrations can be handled directly through the platform and information exchanged. The event can even created as a payment activity, where the person has to buy a ticket to register.

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Emails, push messages, Feed posts and much more.

If you want to get in touch with coaches and club officials of your federation, we have various communication channels for you. Whether emails, push messages or feed posts in the app - our platform for federations lets you communicate with the target groups you want to reach. Just like with the events, the messages you send via these communication channels can be filtered according to various criteria.

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Membership cards & discount cards

Many federations have sponsors they want to advertise within the federation. With the federation software, you can create membership cards and advertise various offers and discount campaigns directly to the targeted audience. You can work with links, barcodes and QR codes - whatever suits your partner best.

How you ultimately want to use this function is up to you. Some federations have just come to terms with the commercial elements - for example, some set up a solution where the clubs can decide whether they want to show the offers or not. Others have set up “kick-back” for the clubs, so they can earn something when their members make purchases through these offers.

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Regular updates

We at SportMember are constantly developing and improving our software. The federation software is flexible and functions can be added to meet your requirements. If you are looking for certain functions, you are welcome to send us a message and we will create an individual offer for you.

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