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Sport is all about competition and everybody wants to be the best. With SportMember, a coach can easily create statistics that measure performance, attendance and much more. Who becomes the top scorer, who gets the most yellow cards etc. We made the statistical tool to give you an easy way to keep track everything you want statistically. Everyone on the team has access to the statistical information, which only makes it more fun to participate in the sport. It intensifies the competition to see who is voted the man of the match the most times throughout the season, scored the most goals or whatever category you want to keep track of. We cover the player stats you want to track with our stats software.

Attendance and fine list

For the members it’s fun. But for the coach, it’s a necessary tool to upkeep a certain level of discipline within the team. With a few clicks, the coach can update the members attendance or/and keep track of the fine list. In SportMember, we have made it easy to update the statistics throughout the season, so the members can compete internally. Gain the bragging rights of being the best on the team!

You can also check out how much you owe. The interactive fine list gives you a detailed overview of how much people owe and what they have paid. All statistics and everything within the fine list can be updated and edited on the website or on your smartphone, through our app.

Adjust the statistics for your sport

Your choice of statistics can be adjusted for exactly the sport that you exercise. Whether you want to update the squads red and yellow cards in football, technical errors in basketball, assists in ice hockey, or the most tries in rugby. SportMember will offer you a personalised solution that suits your needs with over 35 different sports. Sports statistics are digitialised within SportMember so you can update or watch the match stats from every game your team has played. 

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