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Juventus brought one of the greatest players to ever set his feet on a football pitch to the Serie A this summer. Juventus brought out the big chequebook to bring in football royalty, Cristiano Ronaldo, from Real Madrid. "The Old Lady" from Turin added Ronaldo to a squad already stacked with big stars and special talent. And it wasn't because of a lack of results in the Italian Serie A. 

The last 7 Italian league titles all ended up in Turin and they don't look like slowing down anytime soon. Juventus are 15 points clear of Napoli in second with 10 games to play. It looks like Juventus will add another trophy to the collection. In the Champions League, a huge comeback in the first knockout stage against Atlético Madrid sees them through to the quarterfinals, drawing Ajax. Juventus might be favourites in the match up, but Ajax has definitely shown their ability to challenge the best teams in the world.

Juventus trøjeJuventus trøje 1

The new Juventus shirt - away from home!

Juventus is, without comparison, the most winning Italian club and has been dominating Italy's domestic football through the better part of a decade. Juventus has filled their trophy cabinet with 34 Italian league titles, 13 Coppa Italia titles og last but not least, 2 Champions League titles. "The Old Lady" from Turin is one of the most decorated clubs in Europe - a club all football fans know. That's why we selected Juve's shirt to be a part of SportMembers shirt review series. And for the first time in the series, we got our hands on an away shirt!

The new Juventus shirt is once again manufactured by Adidas. They have provided Juventus with shirts since 20165. The new Juventus shirt is produced with 100% reused polyester and with Adidas's own Climalite-technology. But what does that mean for you as a user of the shirt? Adidas has designed the fabric so that the sweat is moved from the inside to the outside. This makes the sweat get in contact with the air faster, eventually making the sweat evaporate faster! You will no longer experience a shirt clinging to your body when playing - and you will have the absolute maximum comfort.

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Last year's away kit from Juventus had the colours yellow and blue. Colours you normally wouldn't associate with Juventus! This year, the new Juve shirt has a more low-key look to it. Adidas decided to keep the shirt in only one colour with the sand colour. The stripes on the shoulder are almost the same colour but with a brown shade to it. A smooth and nice transition. The colours are well-balanced and play extremely well together.

 At first glance, it can be a pretty dull look with the sandcolour and brown - but it definitely grows on you! It's easy on the eye and gives an elegant touch to the new Juve shirt - elegance that you know the Italians appreciate. Another nice touch and small addition to the shirt is of the sleeve cuffs. They put a black and white stripe there, which represents the classic Juventus shirt and one of the well-known nicknames for the club: "Bianconeri" - and in English: "The black & whites". The black and white stripes is what all football fans associates Juventus with! The away shirt has a button in the neck to fulfill the elegant and minimalistic look that Adidas tried to accomplish with this year's away shirt for Juventus!

Juventus trøje

The new Juventus logo: Minimalistic and elegant!

juventus logo

The classic, oval Juventus logo with black and white stripes and the text "Juventus" above the bull can no longer be found on Juventus's shirts. In January 2017, Juventus chose to re-design the their logo completely, which meant a completely new Juventus logo for the shirt. Now, the Juventus logo consists of two J's next to each other in to different fonts, which almost looks like a big J.

 The new logo kept "Juventus" above the two J's. And last but not least, Juventus included the 3 stars above the logo. The 3 stars represent the ultimate pride of the club - league titles! On national team shirts, we see the same type of stars on the logos. A star for each World Cup title the country has won. But in Juventus's case, the star does not represent one league title. No, one star one the logo represents 10(!) domestic league titles for Juventus. An impressive 3 stars to represent the 34 league titles in the club's history.

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The review: Juventus away shirt

  • Adidas really managed to create an elegant shirt. A look, which might not be the most eye-catching at first glance compared to last season's yellow and blue away shirts. This one, on the other hand, has a very sophisticated, classic and way more Italian look. 
  • The colours are well-balanced and has a beautiful harmony. The "Bianconeri" touch on the sleeves is a very thought through and nice detail. A little touch to keep the club colours on the away shirt, even if it's just a tiny bit. 
  • The new logo representing Juventus is elegant and minimalistic. We absolutely love it here at SportMember! A modern look, which more and more clubs move towards. And the 3 stars above the logo - do we need to say anymore?

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