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The new PSG-shirt

The French giant Paris Saint-Germain is powering through the French Ligue 1 this year. Having played 26 games in the league up untill this point, Paris has a 14 point lead to the nearest challenger, Lille. And to top that off, they have 2 games in hand and an impressive goal difference of 64 goals. It's safe to say that they remain clear favourites to win the French league. European football remains the number 1 priority for Paris Saint-Germain. Paris Saint-Germain showed great promise, as they won Group C in the Champions League, widely regarded as the strongest of all groups. A tough draw saw them going up against Manchester United in the first phase of the knockout stage. A surprising 2-0 victory at Old Trafford - against a very much in form Manchester United team - saw them as huge favourites as they returned to the Parc Des Princes. Yet, another big disappointment waited around the corner, as they threw away their lead and lost 1-3 at home. 

Undisputed kings of French football at this point of time, but still looking for the big European triumph. Here at SportMember, we got our hands on this season's PSG shirt, and it's a beauty!


Paris Saint-Germain: Kings of French football

Paris Saint-Germain is has the strongest team in French football, no doubt. But it hasn't always been that way. PSG does not have the same glorious history as many of the other French clubs, aswell as the big clubs around Europe. The club was founded in 1970 through a merger of the two clubs, Paris FC and Stade Saint-Germain. In 2011, PSG was bought by Qatari rich man Nasser al-Khelaifi, and that startet attracting some of the best players in World football. The year after, PSG were crowned champions of the France1 and has now won 5 Ligue 1 titles. Today, there is no doubt about Paris Saint-Germain's status in the French league. The squad is filled with star-quality such as Neymar, Cavani, Mbappé and legendary, Italian goalkeeper Buffon. These are the players that wears this shirt when they hold down their fortress, Parc Des Princes, and thrill football fans worldwide.

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Paris Saint-Germain shirt: French football's flagship


This seasons PSG-shirt is manufactured by Nike, as per usual since 1989. The new shirt is, of course, made with Nike's Breathe lightweight material in 100% polyester. On top of that, Nike has incorporated the Dri-FIT technology, which ensures to keep you dry and comfortable during all of your workout. And now you are probably wondering how that works? Nike produces the the fabric in a unique way. The sweat and moisture your body produces during a workout is moved from the inside of the shirt to the outside of the shirt. That means the moisture will get in contact with the air earlier in the proces and therefore evaporate. Your shirt til not be clinging to your body!

The new Paris Saint-Germain has just landed at the SportMember office and we decided to give it a good review. At first glance, the shirt look just like the old school PSG-look, which all football fans are very familiar with. The design of the shirt has barely changed since the club was established in 1970. The navy blue base with the red stripe running down the middle has always been a charactaristic for he PSG-shirt. This year, the traditional design has received a visual upgrade. The navy blue base and red stripe is maintained - of course - but the red stripe has been updated. The red stripe is no longer a straight line down the middle of the shirt. The "stripe" now has a zig-zag look to it, which looks like sound waves. A nice twist to the traditional stripe, which creates a bit more life and edge to the shirt's expression. The fabric at the neck is a thin, extra breathable material, which helps you cool down on hot summer days. Paris is a proud city who is also very proud of their hometown team. That's why Nike has included a very nice, extra detail on the shirt. On the inside of the shirt in the neck area, Nike put "Ici c'est Paris", which meens "This is Paris"!

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The PSG-logo: The pride of Paris

The PSG-.logo has gone through major transformation despite the club's short existence. In 2013, the logo was updated once again to the logo Paris Saint-Germain uses today. The logo is based on a blue circle, accompanied by to smaller circles in white. Between the two white circles, it says Paris in the top and Saint-Germain in the bottom. In the inner circle, the number 1 pride of Paris is shown in red. You might already have guessed what it is without seeing the updated logo, but it is of course the Eiffel tower! In between the "legs" of the Eiffel tower is a flower in gold. That is "Fleur de lys", or in English, a French lily. The French lily is a classic symbol of the French monarchy.


The review: 2018/19 PSG home shirt

  • The classic, well-known PSG look has been preserved. No football fan will have any doubt who this shirt belongs to. PSG has always represented this look but the design has had one of the bigger visual updates with the stripe being changed quite a bit. A nice, edgy take on the traditional shirt.
  • The colours of the shirt goes along as always. The traditional colour blend is spot on again this year, which makes the shirt pleasant to look at. 
  • Once again, Nike makes sure that the love and pride considering PSG prevail. The PSG-logo on the chest and "Ici c'est Paris" written on the shirt, all PSG-fans must feel the love and pride. 

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