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Tottenham Hotspurs have had a  turbulent season. A brilliant start to the season saw the contending for the title. Injuries has taken its toll on the club from North London and they have dropped 15 points behind in the title race. Tough love for Tottenham, who really showed signs of great things at the start of the season. In European football, Tottenham are still in the race for the Champions League title after beating Dortmund in the first phase of the knockout stage. 

In the quarterfinals, league rivals Manchester City awaits. Tough task for Pocchetino's guys, but a move into their new stadium might be just what Tottenham need to light a spark towards the end of the season! After a (very) long wait, Tottenham finally look set to move into Tottenham Stadium on April 3rd against Crystal Palace. 

Can this help Tottenham secure top 4 and even push them past Manchester City in the Champions League. The new stadium means so much to the club and the shirt shows it. We took a look at this season's Tottenham shirt and here's SportMember's review!

tottenham trøjetottenham trøje

"New Home, New Look": The new Tottenham shirt

The new shirt showed up here at the SportMember office so we could take a look at this season's shirt from the northern part of London. The shirt is manufactured by Nike, just like last season, and is made with Nike's own Breathe-lightweight fabric. 

his means that the shirt is made with Nike's Dri-FIT technology, which helps to keep you cool and dry when you use the shirt. When you wear the shirt, you clearly feel the ventilation of the shirt, which makes it very comfortable to wear. Even when you sweat, the shirt will not cling to your body due to the sweat wicking Dri-FIT technology. In the neck of the new Tottenham shirt, you'll find an extra  "vent", which allows air to flow through the shirt's neck area and cool you down. A nice feature on a hot summer day!

tottenham trøje

The long awaited "homecomming" is just around the corner. Players and fans at the London-club have played "away from home" through more than a whole season, and they can't wait much longer to step into their new home! The expectation and joy is naturally a part of the new Tottenham shirt.

In contrary to last year's all white shirt, the 2018/19 season's Tottenham shirt is a lot more lively. The classic white colour is still the dominant part of the Spurs shirt as we know it. The shirt has a new navy blue edge around the neck area, which adds some extra edge to collar. 

When you let your eyes wander down the shirt, grey stripes slide in over the white base and further towards the bottom of the shirt. The grey stripes fades into the navy blue colour from the neck of the shirt into a entirely navy blue border at the bottom of the shirt. The kit has a subtle statement, described on the Tottenham Hotspur's official web page:

In combination with the navy blue shorts and blue and white socks graphic, the design is intended to subtly reference the architecture of the new stadium while creating a dynamic head-to-toe gradient that reinforces the underlying explosive energy of our players.

- Tottenham Hotspur's official home page.

The last detail on the shirt is a tribute to the old stadium, White Hart Lane. On the inside of the neck, the new Tottenham shirt has marked the coordinates and zip code of the centre circle of the old stadium. A last farewell to the old homeground - a proud feeling. Combined with the Tottenham  logo with the rooster on the chest, the club feeling is complete! 

tottenham trøje
CONCLUSION from Sportmember
  • The shirt is airy and nice to wear! You really feel the ventilation in the shirt and how fast you become dry after activity!
  • The design received a huge update compared to last year. This year's shirt is a lot more lively. The tribute to the old White Hart Lane and the new stadium could be done even more thoroughly, but a very nice look!
  • The club feeling is complete! The colours play well together. The smooth transition between the colours adds life to the shirt. 

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium: The new stadium on the Tottenham shirt

The new stadium is celbrated to the fullest on the new Tottenham shirt! The new stadium is build right next to the old White Hart Lane. The Tottenham players and fans are literally returning home.

 Tottenham Hotspur Stadium will be the third biggest stadium in England with a capacity of 62.062 spectators. The pitch is "GrassMaster", a form of hybrid grass - a combination of real grass and artificial grass, which is found on a lot of the big stadiums around the world. 

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