Manage the ads on your website

With the banner free extension for your club website you get to set up the ads or remove them completely. This add-on let's you manage the ads on your website. Here are some of the benefits with the banner free CMS system:

  1. Income: This additional feature can become beneficial for you if you have supporting acts that wants to be displayed on your website. This way you can make profits by advertising your supporting business' or such
  2. Metrics: The system let's you keep track of how well ads are performing. This way you can see if people are clicking on the ads and if adjustments are needed. 
  3. Community: By adding local ads you support the community of your club/organisation and thus adds value to surrounding actors. 
  4. Customization: This system let's you customize the ads on your club website meaning you have further control on how the layout and style of your website is. Do you prefer some pages to be informative without any ads? No problem - simply remove the ads. Do you want to sell tickets for a local event? Throw in an ad and spread awareness! The possibilities are endless. 

So this system is for clubs with a website on SportMember and can prove helpful for those who have relevant ads to display or want to hide the ads on your club website. Feel free to get in touch with the SportMember team to hear more about how the website on SportMember can help your club grow! 

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