How do I create a price plan?

What are price plans?

- With the price plan, you can decide how much money members of your club can book a resource (you can also set the price to 0, so the members do not have to pay anything)

- With the price plans, you can let choose roles that have priority. For example, you can open the booking for coaches earlier, or only let members book a resource two days before the day they want to use it. 

- Your team always needs the court/balls/field on Monday afternoon? You can enable seasonal booking for a resource, so the team can reserve the resource for the whole season! 

There's no answer to this question related to the use of SportMember from the app.

Booking MUST be used with a price list, each resource needs a price plan. It is possible to set the price to 0, if the resource is for free within your club. The price plan needs to be created regardless of the price. You create a price plan like this:

  1. Click on  Club
  2. Click on  Booking in the overview on the left side
  3. Go to the subcategory Price plans
  4. Click on the green button Create price plan
  5. Put in the necessary informations
    1. Name 
    2. Time interval (if you want the resource to be bookable for a whole season, you need to enable Seasonal Booking first)
This price plan will be for Tennis courts. It will be possible to book a time slot that lasts one hour.

You can also enter additional information, such as the maximum number of bookings, whether multiple members can book a timeslot, or whether all seats must be occupied for a booking.

It will be possible to book the tennis court for up to four people.


Under Prices, you can control who can book the resource, whether groups are given preference when booking, and how much the booking costs.

Here you can also determine who can book the resource: 

  1. Chose who can book the resource
  2. You can then choose whether your selections apply only to coaches, assistants, team leader or members.

Then you enter the price and, if applicable, the booking limit. Finally, you can decide in which period the resource can be booked. 

  • ATTENTION: You can also enter 0£ as the price, if the resource can be booked free of charge for the members of your club. 
  • TIP: if you only want the resource accessible to coaches at first, you can create a price for all teams and then only select coaches.

Now you can choose who should have access to the resource, at what price, and for how long. 

This price plan is only for coaches, assistants, and team leaders. Members need one of these roles to book the resource. For members with one of these roles, it is possible to book the resource for 20 GBP up until two days before the day they want to use it

Then you can click + Add price and create another price category, for example for all members. 

Here you open the booking two days before the start. If a resource has not been booked by coaches, members can then book the resource shortly beforehand. For example, a tennis court does not remain unnecessarily empty.

This is how your price plan can look like:

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