How do I exempt a member from paying membership fees?

Who can be exempted from paying membership fees?

- All roles in the club can be exempted from membership fees (member, team leader, assistant, coach, club administrator etc.)

- You can exempt people individually and/or exempt specific roles from having to pay membership fees

- Exemption can be added BEFORE the membership fee is sent as a payment email

- Exemption can be added AFTER the membership fee is sent as payment email

There's no answer to this question related to the use of SportMember from the app.

To see how to exempt specific roles from the quota, read this guide, which is part of the quota setup itself.

In the following we explain how to exempt people individually/several at once.

Exempt people BEFORE the membership fee is generated/sent as a payment email

Open Finance and membership fee or Monthly payments

  1. Click on in the top left corner
  2. Click  FINANCE
  3. Click onon the right of the screen next to the name of the membership fee and then click on Members (depending on that you have created at least one membership fee)
  4. Find the member(s) you want to exempt (if necessary, click on Show all at the top to search) and click Change the amount
  5. Select the move(s) in question and click Normal payment
  6. Change to Exempt
  7. Finish with Save and close at the bottom

    Note: Here you exempt people from future charges, NOT already issued charges

You can check if the action is done correctly by going in Future payments. Here the person now appears as Exempt in the column Status.

The person will then not receive a charge the next time we pass the start date for a new membership fee.

Exempt people AFTER the membership fee charge is generated/sent as payment mail

Open Finance and Individual Payments

  1. Click on in the top left corner
  2. Click on  ECONOMY
  3. Click on Individual payments on the left
  4. Locate/search for member and click on on the far right under the Actions column in the same row as the member's name
  5. Click on Edit: Exempt

    Note: Here you exempt people from charges already issued, NOT those about to be charged out in the future

It is NOT possible to exempt people who have already paid their membership fees!

  • TIP: You can choose to delete charges instead of exempting (in which case they will not be retrievable in Individual Payments at all). However, deletion can only be done when the person is no longer affiliated to the team or the draw is no longer active.
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