How do I create player profiles to my team?

To create a player profile as a coach on SportMember you click on the ""Members" section in the menu bar. Here there are three different functions to create new player profiles: "Create player/coach", "Invite player" and "Import players".

I this section we focus on how to create a player manually.

Start by clicking in the coach menu "Create player/coach".

After this follow these steps:

  1. Role: Pick "Player"
  2. Enter the player's first name, second name and e-mail
  3. Create username and password for the player
  4. Enter the player's birthdate, address and phone number
  5. Add a contact person for the player etc.

Afterwards click "Create", and the player profile will be shown in the player list of team.

The player will then receive an e-mail from the coach which contains the username and password, so the player can login into SportMember and start using all functions.

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