How do I create member fee payments?

You can create membership fee payments, as long as your team is attached to a club. If you are a coach, you can enter the club in the top right corner. If your team does not belong to a club, you need to create a club. In the club you can, as an administrator, create the member fee payments.

There are four ways to create member fee payments:

  1. Single payment: A payment request is sent to the members of a team or a department once. When creating the payment, you can select which players should pay and edit the individual player's payment amount. This occurs before the invoice is sent by email.
  2. Fixed payment: You can also create a fixed payment invoice on specific fixed dates - for example twice a year. Hereafter, you must choose, which teams that should receive this invoice, and which players or coaches that are exempt from this payment.
  3. Team payments: A team is created with a maximum amount of participants, when the payment is created. In order to participate in the team, the players must first pay - either on the club homepage or through a payment link.
  4. Monthly or regular payments:  Here you choose, which months there must be created fixed payments for. Hereafter, the billable teams are chosen and which individuals that are exempt from payments.
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