How do I create member fee payments?

How does member fee payments work?

- Only club administrators and/or treasurers can manage and set up member fee payments on SportMember.

- The system will automatically charge members in the teams via email - including new members - based on your setup (bi-annually, quarterly, monthly, etc.)

- Members can pay with VISA/Mastercard (SportMember provides the redemption agreements).

- Member fee payments can be created individually for one team, but also for several teams in the same Member fee payment.

- If a member is on multiple teams associated with the same member fee payment, only one charge will be received.

- If a member is on several teams, each with its own member fee payment, several invoices will be received.

To set up automatic member fee payments in SportMember, you need to create a club first. This is done from the front page of

From here, you can make member fee payments completely as you wish. Whether you have 1 annual charge, half-yearly payment or even every month.

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