How do I merge two profiles?

Can I have just one profile?

- You can have unlimited roles/team affiliations on one profile

- Use one login for all your team affiliations

- Switch between team views/calendar views on the SportMember app in case you have multiple team affiliations

- When merging multiple profiles into one profile, remember to log in to the profile you want to keep!

- When merging two profiles, one will be deleted while all information will be transferred to the remaining profile

To merge two profiles into one profile, make sure you log in to the profile you want to keep! (the other profile will be deleted)

Note: Two profiles can only be merged if the first name is the same in both. If you have a middle name in one, you must change this before merging via the Personal details menu.

Open Profile Settings

  1. Pressat the top right
  3. Press Merge two profiles
  4. Enter the username and password of the other profile (the one you want to delete)
  5. Finish by pressing the green button Merge 

Two profiles are now merged into one. Switch to another team by pressing   Team in the top right corner and select another team.

Example: the member was previously only on the "Rugby Test team" team. After the merge with the other profile, the member is now in total on 2 teams, as the other user was already a member on "Swim test team".

Make sure that first name and email address match. 

Open Profile Settings

  1. Click on  Tools in the left bottom corner
  2.  Click on  Profile settings
  3. Click on Manage Profiles on the left 
  4. Click on the green bordered button Manage profiles
    1. If you have not already done so, you must confirm your email first
  5. All profiles registered under your email address will be displayed.
  6. Select which profile you want to keep (see example 1). 
  7.  Click Merge profiles (see example 2).
  8.  Click Next
  9.  To merge profiles you can select what the function of a profile should be (see example 3). 
  10.  Click Save
Example 1: Two profiles with the first name Julia are registered under the e-mail address [email protected]. The top profile has been selected, which means that when merging, the Julia SM profile will be kept and the teams of the Julia Test profile will be integrated into the Julia SM profile.  

Example 2: The Julia SM and Julia Test profiles have been combined. 
Example 3: The profile Julia SM is the parent profile, Charlie Player is the child profile. Alternatively, the Normal profile option can be selected if no link is to be made. 

Please note that this function should not be used to manage two profiles of different people at the same time. Please use the SportMember Parent profile/ multi-user profile for this purpose.

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