Follow your players as they evolve their skills, with coach comments on SportMember

It can be hard to follow a members development through the years on a team. But on SportMember it's possible to take notes or make comments on each and every mener of the team and their development.

A example of a coach comments can be information about a members skills regarding a specific sport, or about how the members talent has evolved. Another note could be about how the members has evolved socially on the team.

An unlimited amount of comments can be added if needed, just like every existing note about a member can always be edited or deleted.


For every created comment, the creator must choose who should be able to see the note. A comment can be visible for:

  • Everyone on the team
  • The specific member, and all coaches, assistents and team leaders
  • Only coaches, assistens and team leaders

Add images or video

On every single comment, it's possible to attach an image or a video. For example a video could show how the member does during a specific drill or exercise, which is then supplemented by a text . 

Coach comment.png
How a coach comment is made, in this example is about how the member has evolved his dribble.

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