How do I create a payment activity?

What is a payment activity?

- Club events such as tournaments, social events, etc. that cost money to attend. Here payment is required upfront and members can pay directly via the SportMember app after which they are listed as registered.

- Club administrators can set up payment activities for all teams in the club. Coaches can set up for their own team(s).

- Members can pay via VISA or Mastercards

(SportMember provides the redemption agreements).

- A payment activity can be set up for a single team or for several teams/departments at once or even for the whole club.

- You can create different types of tickets depending on members are allowed to buy more than one ticket for the activity.

There's no answer to this question related to the use of SportMember from the app.

Make sure you have registered your club's bank account number on SportMember in advance, so you can receive payments through the system.

Then go to Club Calendar

  1. Click on in the top left corner
  2. Click on CLUB CALENDAR
  3. Click om the green Create Activity button on the right of the screen and then  Create Payment activity

You will now be given three options which will determine how many teams the payment activity will appear on and therefore which members/coaches can sign up:

  • Create club activity (One activity for all club members)
  • Create departmental activity
  • Create activity for one or more teams

Now fill in the information regarding the payment activity completely, as you normally do when creating an activity on a team.

Remember the registration deadline and the maximum number of participants, so that registration is automatically closed when there are no more tickets available or when the deadline has passed.

  • TIP: Remember to decide whether the payment activity should be repeated in Step 1 when you create it. Then you are free from creating it manually again and again every week.

At the end of the creation flow, define the price for the subscription. You can define several different prices if you wish.

At the bottom, select the bank account to which the money should be transferred to and accept the terms.

As soon as the payment activity is set up, members have the option on PC and via the SportMember app to sign up and pay immediately.

Members are given the choice of ticket types and must complete the transaction by accepting terms and clicking Pay.

Once a member/coach has signed up for the payment activity, the price and time of payment will appear inside the payment activity itself in Registered, as well as showing who has not yet signed up

When registering, each person actually pays directly to SportMember, as we are in charge of the redemption agreements. From there, the money is sent to your bank account within 5 banking days, minus the administration fee.

To see if the specific payment has ended up in your bank account, click on More on the right of the screen and then Payments.

You will find all payment activities and their transactions under  ECONOMY and then Payment activities.

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