How do I create departments in the club?

What is a department?

- A grouping of teams, for example year groups, sports or otherwise teams that have something to do with each other.

- The advantage is that you can communicate activities at department level. That means sending emails to the whole department, or creating activities for all teams in the department at once.

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Open Departments in the club and Create department

  1. Click on   Club in the top left corner
  2. Click on  Departments
  3. Click on the green Create department button on the right of the screen
  4. Enter the name of the department
  5. Find the team(s) on the left under "Available departments" and click next to them to select them
  6. Click on Save

Example: Here the teams are selected for the section named "Football women". You can now communicate/create joint activities for this section specifically

Create department manager

  1. Click on to the right of the department itself after it has been created
  2. Click on Department Manager
  3. Click on + Add responsible and select member
  4. Finish with Create

A department manager can be anyone in the club.

This person has access to the teams associated with the department. So he/she can create activities/communicate with the team even if he/she is not on that team.

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