How to import membership lists from Excel?

Why should I import members via Excel file?

- If you are a brand new club on SportMember, it is best to create the members the first time via Excel import instead of creating them one by one.

- It also works well when you add new teams to SportMember along the way.

There's no answer to this question related to the use of SportMember from the app.

Open Members of the club and Import members

  1. Click on   in the top left corner
  2. Click on MEMBERS
  3. Click on the green Create Member button on the right of the screen
  4. Click on Create member
  5. Click on  Import members
  6. Click Select file and start the import by clicking Import

Before clicking Select file , you can download templates that specifically show how your Excel sheet should look like for the import to work properly.
Please note that the file type must be in either xls or xlsx format.
We recommend following the templates strictly and calling the columns the exact titles so that you avoid errors.

The system needs at least these 3 informations in order to do a member import:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email

If you want more information, you can easily choose to add:

  • Birthday (in date format, e.g. 25.04.2002)
  • Address
  • Postal code
  • City
  • Telephone
  • Telephone2
  • Mobile
  • Mobile2
  • Additional email
  • Member number

  • TIP: We recommend unchecking the Send welcome email box. This way you can import the members' data and then check that the system has got it all. Then you can choose to send welcome emails directly from the member list.

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