How do i create payment activities?

A payment activity is an easy way to handle an activity, where the participants have to pay to participate.

First of all the coach or administrator have to add their account number under their profile. Now they can create the activity and attach the account number and the size of the amount. The players can only sign up for the event by paying the amount. You create the event to the left in the calendar. You create the event/activity as normal and decide what the amount should be - you can choose if the player has to buy more than one ticket and if there should be a differentiated amount. Fx. different prices for kids and adults.

Once you have created the payment activity, it will apper in the team calendar together with all other activities. As with the administration of membership fee tt costs between 3 and 6 danish kroners in fee to pay. It takes 3-5 bank days before the amount is transferred.

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