How to create payment activities?

What is a payment activity?

- Events on your team, such as tournaments or social events, where you require members to pay in order to participate

- Payment required upfront when registering via SportMember

- Members can pay via VISA or Mastercard

(Sportmember will provide the redemption agreements).

- If you have a club on SportMember, a payment activity can be set up for one or more teams/departments at a time or even for the whole club

- You can create different ticket types depending on if members are allowed to buy more than one ticket for the activity.

NOTE: A prerequisite for creating payment activities is that an bank account has been created in the club or that you as a coach have assigned a bank account to your profile

Add account number for deposits

Go to Profile Settings

  1. Click on in the top right corner
  2. Click on   PROFILE SETTINGS
  3. Click on   Bank accounts

You will redirected to the browser version of SportMember, where you will need to click on  BANK ACCOUNTS to upload your bank account so that you can receive payments from SportMember.

Create a payment activity

Go to Calendar

  1. Click on  at the bottom of the screen
  2. Click on  on the bottom right
  3. Click on +Activity
  4. Click on Advanced at the top and then turn on This is a payment activity
  5. Create the rest of the activity as you would with a normal activity
  6. Go to the bottom where the payment information should be filled in:

  • Different prices (if there are multiple ticket types)
  • Price
  • Show who has paid under "Registered"
    • So members can see who has paid and signed up
    • Either way, as a trainer you will always be able to see this
  • Allow more than one registration per member or not
    • Possibility to buy multiple tickets per member
  • Select bank account to which payments should be made
  • Accept the terms

  • TIP: We recommend that you add a registration deadline and preferably a maximum number of participants when creating a payment activity. So you are sure that people pay on time and that you have enough tickets

Now the payment activity is in the calendar. You register by clicking on the green Register button.

On the payment page, the price(s) (if you have more than one type of ticket) and the administration fee are very clearly indicated, so that members are in no doubt.

Example: here the member gets 2 ticket types to choose from. Payment is made via the green button

As soon as members have paid, they appear as registered with both price and registration date.

Overview of payments

When people sign up, the amount is actually transferred to SportMember's account, after which the money is forwarded within 5 banking days to the account indicated on the payment activity, minus the administration fee.

You can always have an overview of when the money will be in your own account.

Go to the activity itself

  1. Click on  at the bottom right
  2. Go to  Payments

This shows the date each person signed up, what they signed up for and when the money will end up in your bank account.

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