How do I create repeating activities?

Why repetitive activities are smart

- Create an entire season at once

- Works really well for regular activities (e.g. training every Tuesday at 7pm)

- Easy to change individual activities along the way

Go to Calendar and Create activity

  1. Press  at the bottom of the screen
  2. Press  at the bottom right
  3. Press + Activity
  4. Press Advanced at the top
  5. Turn on Repeat activity?
  6. Select the date for how long the activity should be repeated
  7. Select how often the activity should be repeated (every week or every two weeks)
  8. Finish with the green Create button at the bottom

Note: You MUST select the date for how long the activity should be repeated, otherwise the function will not work.

The calendar view on the team will now list all upcoming repeated activities.

Example: repeated activities every week for the same period of time

After a repeated activity has been created, it is possible to edit both the series of repeated activities, but also just the single activity, in case there is a cancellation/change of time etc.

Then access the specific activity via the calendar on SportMember and press  Edit at the bottom right

When the change only applies to the specific activity - not to all repeated activities in the row - do not enable Update repeated activity.

If it is to update the entire row of repeated activities, turn it on.

Finish with the green Save button.

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