How do I determine the type of activity?

What can I use activity types for?

- Easy way to make different types of activities visible in the team calendar/overview

- Shown with different colours in Teamsport

- Possibility to sort/filter your own calendar on a specific activity type

There are 7 standard activity types, each with its own colour, which you can use when creating activities:

  • Match (blue)
  • Practice (green)
  • Social activity (yellow)
  • Competition (red)
  • Meeting (purple)
  • Tournament (dark blue)
  • Membership activity (pink)

Go to Calendar

  1. Press  at the bottom of the screen
  2. Press  at the bottom right to create a new activity or press a specific activity and edit
  3. Find the Activity type field and click on it
  4. Select an activity type
  5. Finish with Create orSave at the bottom of the screen

Note: You CANNOT create activity types yourself on the team, but if you are a club using SportMember, your club administrator can create new optional activity types for you to use.

Example: blue shows matches, yellow shows social activities and green shows trainings.

Filter by activity type

  1. Go to calendar as shown above
  2. Press  Filter at the top
  3. Select specifically:

    1. Team
    2. Activity type
    3. Registration status
  4. Exit with the green button Update filter

Your calendar will now be displayed as you want with the selected activity type.

Example: Here you have selected that the calendar should only show matches for the team "Football U12". Furthermore, only the activities for which the person is registered will be shown.

Member activity

A member activity (pink) is special because it is the only type of activity a member can create on his team.

Read more about member activities in this guide.

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