How do I manage the registration and deregistration of members for activities?

Who can manage registrations?

- As a coach, you can register, unregister, etc. each member/other coach of the team for all activities of the team

- Each member kan register/unregister himself/herself

- A parent profile can register/unregister its associated profiles

Go to Calendar and the specific activity

  1. Access the activity via  or at the bottom of the screen
  2. Click on  at the bottom right
  3. Go to Registrations

You will now see these categories if the activity was created with the "Normal" registration type:

  • Registered
  • Unregister
  • Available
  • Not stated

Note: The categories Selected and Available are also available if you create the activity with one of these registration types

Here you can now take an action on behalf of the member - for example, name calling when you meet up for the start of a match/training session. This means that next to the member's name you can click on:

= Register the person for the activity

= Unregister the person for the activity

= Report the person as not registered for the activity

= Report the person available for the activity

= Select the person for the activity

Once you have selected your actions, finish with the green Save button.

The activity will then show who is registered, deregistered, unavailable, etc.

Note that it also shows when the person have been/has registered, unregistered, etc.

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