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Security always plays a big role when it comes to moving money around - dues payments are no exception!

I'm sure you've already figured out how exactly to handle the dues from your end. If not, you can find our FAQ entry  HERE with instructions on how to pay your or your children's dues through SportMember. 

But even if you actually know how something works, you still want to know what exactly happens behind the scenes and how secure the process is. That's why you'll find everything you need to know about the security of payments via SportMember here.

Which security standard does SportMember follow?

The payments processed through SportMember are PCI Level 1 certified. This means that they meet the highest standard currently available on the market.

How can SportMember guarantee this standard?

In order for us at SportMember to maintain this high level of security, we have turned to professionals. That's why we work with a payment processor. SportMember does not store any bank information itself, which could be misused in case of a security breach, but passes all sensitive data to our payment representative, who then handles it according to the PCI standard.

Who is the payment representative of SportMember?

In the UK we work together with Stripe. Stripe is just like PayPal a payment solution that can be integrated into other systems. We have been working with Stripe for over 5 years now and have never had a single problem with the security of our payments.

How can I learn more?

If you want to know more about Stripe, you can find plenty of information on their website:

We hope that this information has helped you. The SportMember payment system is secure, simple, intuitive and an asset to just about everyone in the club! You will not regret the change! :-)

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