What is SportMember Premium?

- Better user experience and no ads on SportMember

- Smart inbox: Filter your inbox by message types

- Calendar view: View your activities in the way that suits you best

- Family calendar: All your family's activities in one place

- Upload unlimited photos + video from your phone

In the club management software of SportMember, advertising banners are shown in most cases, regardless of whether you use SportMember on the PC or via the app.

If you are tired of the banners and prefer the app to be clearer and faster, you can buy the banner-free SportMember. We have 4 different packages for the banner-free SportMember. Which package makes sense for you depends on your role - that is, whether you are a member, coach, or parent.

Payment is processed through Google Pay or your iTunes account. Clubs are excluded, for which we have set up a more suitable payment option.

Banner free for the whole team

Coaches can buy a subscription for their whole team so that all members can enjoy the banner-free SportMember.

To activate the banner free SportMember for the whole team you first have to make sure that you are in the right team. You do this by clicking on the icon with the three little men in the upper right corner. Next to the team you are currently in you will see a small check mark.

Perform this step even if you are only relatively sure that you are in the right team, because the banner-free package you want to buy is only valid for the one (current) team.

When you have selected the right team, click on the little man in the upper right corner or on the sign with your face if you have uploaded a profile picture.

Here you will find a point called "My SportMember Premium".

You can choose for how long you want to have the banner-free SportMember. The more months you buy, the cheaper the monthly price will be.

Banner free for you or your family 

Even you as an individual member can treat yourself to the banner-free SportMember, making your app even easier and clearer. The banners will then disappear from your profile, no matter which platform you use SportMember on.

If you are active at SportMember with several family members, you can also buy the banner-free SportMember for the whole family. The prerequisite for this is that you have created at least one parent profile as a family and are connected to at least one child.

The process is the same, only the selection of the package at the end is different.

There's no answer to this question related to the use of SportMember from a computer.
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