How to create new members in the club?

What role can you have on SportMember?

There are 5 standard roles:

- Club administrator: has full administration rights over all teams

- Coach: has coach rights on his/her team + access to the club (no admin rights to edit other teams/members)

- Assistant: Has coach rights on his/her team + access to the club (no admin rights to edit other teams/members)

- Team manager: Has limited coach rights on his/her team. No access to the club

- Member: Only right to change own profile settings. Can only access own team(s)

There's no answer to this question related to the use of SportMember from the app.

Open Members of the club

  1. Click on  in the top left corner
  2. Click on MEMBERS
  3. Click on the green Create Member button on the right of the screen
  4. Click on Create member
  5. Find the team and click  Select

You now have four options:

  • Invite a player via email:
    manually enter the email address of the member(s) and they will receive an email with the login link in it. Only when the member clicks on the link, he/she is added to the team

  • Create a player (using username and password):
    Manually enter all the information and clickCreate.The member will then receive an email with a login link.

  • Add a player to the waiting list:
    The member is not on the team's member list yet. This will only happen the day there is a place on the team and you go to the waiting list and manually create the member

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