How do I keep statistics on goals, points, penalties etc?

Worth knowing about statistics on Holdsport

- Detailed overview of who has scored the most goals, assists, received the most penalties etc.

- As a coach you can add your own statistics categories and/or periods

- As a coach you are responsible for updating statistics based on activities

- All members can see the statistics and thus be updated

Go to Statistics

  1. Press  at the bottom right
  2. Go to  STATISTICS

Here you can see the statistics of the whole team. By default:

  • Goals
  • Assists
  • Red cards
  • Yellow cards

Create your own statistics category

  1. Press  at the bottom right
  2. Press + Create statistics category
  3. Define the category name (e.g. touchdown, own goal, 2-minute penalty)
  4. Choose unit (integer, decimal, meters, km, minutes, etc.)
  5. Choose how to display the value (as an average/sum/maximum/minimum)
  6. Choose whether greatest is best or worst
  7. Finish with the green Create button

  • TIP: You can also create a season, which is an optional period 

Update statistics

Once the categories are created, it's time to update the statistics themselves each time an activity is over.

  1. Press  or at the bottom of the screen
  2. Find the specific activity
  3. Press  Update statistics
  4. Find the given statistics and select + or - next to the specific member(s) to update the statistics

Then under  STATISTICS you will see the overview and the total of the parameters you have entered yourself on each member based on the activities.

Example: Thomas has scored the most goals for the team (14) in the given period selected in the filter.

  • TIP: If you wish, set the display by clicking on  Filter. Here you can sort by a specific time period and/or activity type (e.g. match/training/competition)

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