How do I assign fines to members?

About the fine box on SportMember

- Coaches, assistants and team managers can create fine types and assign fines

- Determine your own fine types

- Payment can NOT be made through SportMember

- Payments can be recorded so you can keep track of who owes money

- Fines can be assigned to everyone on the team (including coaches)

You can both create fine types and then assign fines to members, etc.

Create fine type

Open Statistics and Penalty Fine Box

  1. Press  at the bottom right
  2. Press  STATISTICS
  3. Press Penalty Fine box at the top
  4. Press  
  5. PressCreate fine
  6. Enter the name of the fine, the price and a description of the fine

Assign fine

  1. Press  Issue fine
  2. Select recipient(s)
  3. Select fine type
  4. If necessary, change the amount if it should not be the standard price
  5. Finish by pressing the green button Issue

  • TIP: Send an email immediately to the member(s) by ticking Send email
Example: on this team there is the fine type "Late for match", which costs 10 £ per fine. So far, a total of 75£ has been fined.

Register payment

  1. Press  
  2. Press  Register payment
  3. Select the person and enter the amount
  4. Finish with the green Save button

Note: You can easily register amounts that are either higher or lower than what the member owes. In this case, the amount in the member's Total will not be 0 £.

When you click on the member's name in the fines box, the fines issued and paid will now appear.

This way you can keep an eye on whether the person is actually paying his fines.

Example: Erik has not paid his fine of 10£, so the amount is still outstanding (red text). The green text is the amount paid.

Overview of the team's fine box

The fine box shows the total amount owed by members. This means fines and registration of payments.

Example: Allan and August have unpaid fines, while David has paid too much. Andy and Benjamin do not owe anything.

You have more options by clicking on  such as:

  • Edit issued fine
  • Edit payment
  • Edit fines
  • Write motivation text
  • Clear fine box

The penalty fine box is a good tool for team management, along with the team fund.  You can create penalty types and then assign them to members.

Create fine type

  1. Go to  Team on the left 
  2. Click on  Statistics
  3. Go to Fine Box
  4. Click on More and then on + create fine
  5. Give the name, amount and description of the penalty
  6. Click  on Save

Assign fine

  1. Click on the green Button Issue fine
  2. Choose the fine type and the selected recipients 
  3. Finish by clicking on Issue

  • TIP: Send an email to the member or members by ticking Send email.

Register payment

  1. Click on  Register payment under Actions 
  2. Enter the amount the person has paid
  3. Click Save

Note: One can easily enter amounts that are either higher or lower than the amount the member owes. In this case, the amount in the member's total will not be 0€.

Overview of the team's fine box

In the fine box, the total overview of the members' debts is displayed. This means fines and registration of payments.

Under More there are several options, such as:

  • Edit issued fines
  • Edit pay
  • Create fine 
  • Create motivation test 
  • Clear fine box
  • Export as Excel
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