How do I view members' attendance statistics?

About attendance statistics in SportMember

- Automatically updated based on people signing up/unsigning/not stated for activities on the team

- Data is based on registration/deregistration at the time the activity took place

- If members are deleted/added later, it does not affect attendance at old activities

- Export a list to Excel if you are using a computer

Go to Statistics and Attendance Statistics

  1. Press  at the bottom right
  3. Press Attendance statistics

This will automatically display your team's attendance, which you can choose to view in full as you wish, including by:

  • Activities
  • Players
  • Type of activity (e.g. training only, competitions or matches)
  • Overview

You can choose your period in terms of:

  • Last month
  • Last 3 months
  • Latest 6 months
  • From date to date

Whole team attendance based on activities
Members' individual attendance statistics

Team attendance shown for each activity type

Members' total attendance shown by activity. The question mark is equal to "Not stated"

In the Activities view, you can see expanded information about each activity by clicking on it.

A specific activity's attendance statistics and registration information

In the Members view, you can view extended attendance statistics for the individual and see exactly which activities he/she has joined/left.

A specific member's attendance history with associated activities

Go to Statistics and Attendance Statistics

  1. Click on on the left
  2. Click on  STATISTICS
  3. Click on Attendance statistics

This will automatically display team attendance based on name and number of registrations/cancellations/committees/available and unavailable, which you can choose to view in full as you wish, including by:

  • Time period / Season
  • Type of activity (e.g. training only, competitions or matches)
  • Members and/or coaches

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