How do I use the optional fields in the membership list?

What are optional fields used for?

- Additional member info you can add to your member list

- Each club has 2 optional fields (Holdsport PRO gives you unlimited number)

- Extract membership list into Excel file containing optional field

There's no answer to this question related to the use of SportMember from the app.

Create optional field

Open Club Settings and Membership Management

  1. Click on  in the bottom left corner
  2. Click on  Club Settings
  3. Click on Membership Management on the left
  4. Find Optional fields and add title to the optional field
  5. Choose whether:
    1. Coaches can edit the text
    2. The player can edit the text
    3. Visible on the team member overview
  6. Finish with the green Save button

Add/edit member information in optional field

Open Members and Edit

  1. Click on  to the right of the member's/coach's name in the Actions column
  2. Find the title of the optional field and add text
  3. Finish with the green Save button

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