Can I import the player squad from Excel?

If you wish to create a whole team on SportMember, you can click on "Players" in the menu bare. Then you get three options: "Create player/coach", "Invite player" and "Import players".

In this case we focus on "Import players" - an easy way to add players to your member list without doing every one manually.

To begin with click on the "Import players" in the menu bar.

Here you have two options.

  1. An Excel file with 3 columns that contains first name, surname and e-mail.
  2. An Excel file with 12 columns that contains first name, surname, e-mail, username, password, address, postal code, city, phone number, mobile number, member nummer and birthdate.

If you already have an excel file with all your team players, you need to make sure the columns are correct.

When the file is ready, click on "Browse". Find you file and click "Open". Now click on "Import".

After this a pop-up window will appear and you can see the result of the import.

Once you have imported the players, they will receive an e-mail which contains the username and password, which they need to login into SportMember.

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